October 6, 2021

Bring JOY to Patients with Breast Cancer and Much More

The last week of September we delivered:

* 115 Breast Cancer Bags of JOY

* 120 Little Bags of JOY

* 30 Gift Card Bags of JOY to the Lurie Children’s Clinic to bring a little sunshine to the teenagers with cancer

Cindy, one of our Board Members, spent the day with Me. She had the privilege of meeting a social worker at each cancer center. She heard first hand the amazing, wonderful, positive feedback we received from the social workers regarding the reactions from the patients.

I despise cancer, but because cancer found a way into my life, I have been given the opportunity to support and share a little sunshine with others battling this terrible disease.

Over 200 Bags of JOY were delivered this week because of all of the incredible people in our corner supporting my little idea. THANK YOU

I promised my girls 2 years ago something good would come out of cancer, I truly believe Bringing JOY is the GOOD!

Love Hard - Dig Deep - Laugh Often