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Sunset Social 2024

We hope you can join us for our 3rd Annual Sunset Social. Our annual fundraiser helps us continue to provide JOY and sunshine to patients with cancer. Check back soon for a link for tickets and more information.

Love Hard - Dig Deep - Laugh Often

Our Mission is to help Patients with cancer feel supported and know they are not alone in their fight.

Bringing JOY is here to bring a little sunshine and JOY to patients diagnosed with cancer. From a coffee gift card to helping patients with rides to chemotherapy, and everything in between. We hope to provide support and bring JOY to patients during a very trying time in their lives.

We strive to help those diagnosed with cancer feel supported and know they are not alone in their fight.

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Bringing susnhine and JOY to patients diagnosed with cancer,
One Little Bag at a Time.

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Our Story

A few months after Joy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer she was sitting with her sisters during chemo. She was discussing how thankful she was for the amazing support system she was surrounded by. Joy began thinking about all those that would be at the infusion center around the holidays and a little idea popped into her head, "What if we brought a little JOY to those undergoing going treatment the week of Thanksgiving?" Little did she know asking her community for a few hand sanitizers, fuzzy socks, travel lotions, Kleenex and some lotto scratchers would turn into hundreds of Bags of JOY being delivered to the Cancer Center over the next few months. More and more donations came in and Bringing JOY came to Life.

Joy's hope for Bringing JOY is to bring a little JOY to those diagnosed with cancer and remind them they are not alone and others are thinking of them...One Little Bag at a Time.

Love Hard - Dig Deep - Laugh Often